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best real estate lawyers in mumbai

Legal Caring has the best Real Estate Lawyers In Mumbai to provide legal advice on property disputes and verification of real estate properties law in India. There are many complex legalities tedious documentation and contracts work  involved in property and real estate in India. You could be a real estate developer in Mumbai wanting to develop a property for commercial purposes or an individual stuck in a property dispute which intends to safeguard their rights.

If you find yourself in such a situation, you should look for the Best Real Estate Lawyers in Mumbai to assist you

What is the Role of a Property Legal Advisor?

best real estate lawyers in mumbai
A Real Estate lawyer is a legal professional who specializes in property law. They assist businesses and individuals with property related issues like document clearance, title search and property disputes and Best rera consultants in Mumbai. They research to prepare a report for the property to know if the title is clear for development (Construction, levelling, fencing, etc.) or sale. They even check for any pending mortgages on the property for the client. They provide legal advice on varied property related matters. They draft MOUs, lease agreements, leave and license agreements, etc., for their clients to meet the legal requirements.

Areas of Practice in Property Law

Legal caring operates in almost all the areas related to Property Law; these include-

Land Law

Various laws apply on the sale, purchase and while owning land in India. We provide you with the best advice based on the general land laws and the particular state regulations that apply where the property is located. We even assist in drafting and finalizing agreements for renting, selling or leasing a property through the exchange, release, conveyance, assignment, and mortgage.

Construction and Development

Suppose you wish to construct a building or a structure of any sort over the land. In that case, you need to make sure that the formalities like having the Development Rights, getting the Floor Space Index (FSI) approved and clearing licenses and agreements related to the land, if any, are sorted out before commencing the construction. As Real Estate Law Firm in Mumbai, We at legal caring assist you in the above mentioned to ensure smooth commencement and completion of the construction and development you wish to do on the land you own or leased.

Succession and Inheritance

India is a country where people tend to save a considerable portion of their money and invest in property. We are at legal caring  has the best Real Estate Lawyers in Mumbai to provide Assistance in the inheritance of parental property or by way of a will to safeguard the interest of our clients.

Title Investigation

As the best Real estate lawyers in india, we conduct extensive title searches and investigations to identify potential issues with ownership for both land and immovable property.

Why are we the Best Real Estate Lawyers in Mumbai?

best real estate lawyers in mumbai

Deep knowledge and experience in this field give us an edge over other Real Estate Lawyers In Mumbai. Our team of experienced lawyers could develop the best suited legal solutions for you based on the circumstances. With a blend of knowledge in the field and awareness about local systems that are followed in Maharashtra, we are the most competent property advocates in Mumbai. We could rightly assist you in any property issues you could come across.

Get Assistance from the Top Property Lawyers in Mumbai

best real estate lawyers in mumbai

Property disputes have become quite common these days. Due to a lack of clarity on land and real estate ownership in many places where the records are not quite organized, friction develops between parties trying to prove their ownership over a piece of land or a part of it. It would help if you had professional Assistance to tackle such situations to ensure that the decision passed is in your best interest.

Legal caring is the best Real Estate Law Firm in Mumbai who stands with you and offers the best Assistance from documentation to verification. We could even assist you in getting proper proofs and testimonials to present in the court of law if required. We have a team of the Best Real Estate Lawyers In Mumbai. We always ensure that our client gets justice under the preview of the Constitution of India.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ans:- Yes, we do a complete investigation on the property (both land and building) for our clients to ensure no future complications are caused.

Ans :- Legal Caring also advises the clients on the construction of tourism development properties like hotels, resorts etc.

Ans :- Yes. Legal caring functions in all parts of Mumbai. Moreover, our services can be availed all over India.

Ans:- Succeeding in a case partly depends on the ground realities and the decisions made by the judge. Even though we don’t guarantee 100% success, we promise to ensure justice to our clients in any condition. Legal Caring is the top real estate law firm in Mumbai, and our clients come first for us.